About Solarplaza

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"To positively impact the world by accelerating the sustainable energy transition"

This mission lies at the core of Solarplaza, a private company based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) that aims to inspire, connect and activate the global solar PV industry.

Solarplaza was founded in 2004 by Edwin Koot, a senior PV expert working in photovoltaic solar energy since 1994. Over the course of fourteen years, Solarplaza has built a network of trusted friends and personal contacts all over the world.

Solarplaza organizes international high-level conferences and exploratory trade missions in both established and emerging markets across the globe. With a track-record spanning five continents, over thirty countries, fifty cities and a total of over one hundred events, Solarplaza is a pioneering industry inspirer.

The company’s home base, Solarplaza.com, is an independent platform for knowledge and insights, supported by the (free) daily solar industry newsletter, SUN.